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Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten!

Transitional Kindergarten is a full-day school class/program for students who are not yet age-eligible for Kindergarten*.
Transitional Kindergarten is perfect for students who:
  • have had 2 or more years of preschool
  • are born between September 2013 and December 2013
  • are ready for something a bit different
  • are interested in a new curriculum
  • will enjoy attending our “big school” on campus

Transitional Kindergarten is not part of Preschool. It is geared toward students who might otherwise have a third or fourth year in preschool, a first year in public Kindergarten, or are looking at an “Early Start or Transitional Kindergarten.” If parents of this age student want something more developmentally appropriate to match their child’s needs, we’d love to share all about our plans for this great NEW program! We invite you to contact the school office for more information at (619) 463-0488.

*By Diocesan and State of California policy, students entering Kindergarten must be 5 years of age by September 1st of the school year.
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